Sunday, September 04, 2005


News doesn't often make me cry; in fact, very little does. This did.

It's not just the wedding. It's the fact a Jackson, MS homeless woman coordinated it, got businesses to donate to it, and set it up for these NOLA refugees. I don't know why the gods sometimes choose the best people to be in the worst straits, but here's to Rochelle Smith. That's what I call a hero.

In other news, two dozen gay men and women maintained the Labor Day tradition of the Decadance Parade. Quoting from Yahoo! News:

Amid the tragedy, about two dozen people gathered in the French Quarter for the Decadence Parade, an annual Labor Day gay celebration. Matt Menold, 23, a street musician wearing a sombrero and a guitar slung over his back, said: "It's New Orleans, man. We're going to celebrate."

That may be the first news that makes me think the Big Easy might make it.

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