Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Prayer for the victims of Katrina.

Father Shu,
Lord of cool, dry air, prince of the firmament,
Bless your children who have been harmed by Hurricane Katrina.

New Orleans,
and hundreds of other communities, unnamed but remembered,
May they be blessed.
May then find relief.
May the hand of Anubis, escort of those who have died,
Be stayed as much as possible.
May they find health through the hands of Isis and Osiris.
May they find fresh water to drink from the hands of Hapi, spirit of the Nile.
May their children be safe in the hands of Bes.
And may Nephythys heal the souls of those who have been left behind
When the ones they loved took the journey into the next world.

May they find healing, and peace, and safety.
May there be water to drink, food to eat, medicine for the ill, rescue for the endangered.

And in the end,
May they find home again.

So mote it be.

Voices from beyond.

Not much to say today, except to provide a cool link:


This about says it all, doesn't it?

NP: Chroma Key, "Dead Air For Radios"

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Today's fun game!


OK, kids, it's time for an easy-n-fun game the whole family can play! Let's play a funfilled round of What Did The Asshole Actually Mean?

First off, read the above story. I'll wait.

Good, you're back. Now, when Pat Robertson, everyone's favorite paragon of tolerance, said 'take him out', did he mean:

A) That some hot, young Special Forces guy should show up on Hugo Chavez' doorstep bearing flowers, take him dining and dancing, overwhelm him with charisma, and make him fall in love with aforementioned Special Forces Guy, thereby resulting in them buying an apartment in Greenwich Village, getting involved in animal rights and Gay Pride, and staying away from silly things like being a dictator;

B) That Bud Selig, Commissioner of Major League Baseball, should 'take him out' to the ballgame -- IE, provide Chavez with season tickets to a team of his choice (naturally throwing in the Cheezy Nachos, the Smokey Dogs, the Cracker Jack, and an unending supply of Miller Lite)? (This would, of course, convince Chavez of the superiority of the American way of life, providing the US with an endless cheap supply of Venezuelan oil -- thereby making all those yuppies who bought SUVs and are now frittering away their kids' college money on Super Unleaded happier.)


C) Was Pat Robertson, a self-described follower of Jesus Christ and major spiritual influence on our current president, advocating the assassination of a foreign leader?

You have thirty seconds.

*Jeopardy theme plays*

Monday, August 22, 2005

Thanks and we'll miss you.


Thanks, Robert.

Thanks for "Switched On Bach". Thanks for Herbie Hancock, Howard Jones, Stevie Wonder. Thanks for the collected work of Alan Parsons, whom I still love after all these years. Thanks for Tangerine Dream.

Thanks for Paul Oakenfold. Thanks for Kevin Moore and Chroma Key. Thanks for "Lucky Man" and "Never Been Any Reason". Thanks for Roxy Music and "Dark Side Of The Moon" and "Oxygene".

I know that a lot of these artists used digital synthesizers. This isn't a historical tribute; this is an acknowledgement of a humble music fan to the man who started a lifelong love for the keyboard. I remember when I was six or so listening to my dad's recording (hell, it might have been an eight-track) of "Switched On Bach" and falling in love. All the music I love like that came from that. And that's enough to honor and remember a man's memory, a man who along with Deutsch and Carlos created something labyrinthine, baroque, unwieldy --

...and beautiful.

Thanks, Robert.

What is remembered, lives.

Friday, August 19, 2005

On the subject...

And while we're discussing the untruths perpetuated to support the war in Iraq:


I'm back...

Fueled by a long summer and new CDs by Rig The Jig and Nickel Creek, some thoughts:

* I participated in the Vigil for Cindy Sheehan recently, despite my mostly moderate political tendencies. While I was down there, I had an interesting thought:

Suppose you had an employee, a high-ranking one, who you'd hired to run your company. In the course of his operation, he suggested a course of action -- let's call it a hostile takeover -- of a business rival.

Now, three years later, the project has gone into huge cost overruns. It's cost lives, more lives than were ever expected in the worst case scenario. And now it's been revealed that the employee lied about why he was doing it in the first place; that the primary cause for the hostile takeover was a falsehood.

Pray tell, who WOULDN'T fire this guy?

And yet George W Bush still has a job.

I challenge any Republican businessperson reading this to answer this. Why would you keep an employee who has done such a thing?

To hell with impeachment. Fire the bastard.

* Here's another interesting thought. Pass a law that makes it required that the draft-eligible children of any lawmaker who votes to send troops anywhere be drafted, immediately. Accept nothing but a medical excuse, and that medical exemption must be received from a medical professional who is a registered member of the opposition party of the lawmaker in question.

* And as long as I'm being a political radical today, make any military action require a draft. Issue draft numbers to all eligible young people. When the draft draw comes up, make each number appear in the draw once for every $100,000 in total worth held by the draft-eligible young person's immediate family.

Suspect we'd stop fighting economic wars then?